Sub Activities

Bungee Trampoline

  • Bounce and flip on the bungee trampoline where you’ll test gravity’s hold and reach new heights
  • Worry less with tip top safety harness, and belay.


  • Test your technical skill and ability in fast-paced cooperative futsal game.
  • Brush up your technique and emerge victorious!


  • Got the urge to shoot someone? Here’s your chance!
  • Sharpen your marksmanship skills and test your focus with paintball
  • Capture the opponent’s flag and to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with paintballs!

Car Modification & Bike Customization

  • Seeking for speed? Looking for sounds? Finding for looks? Here is the show that you don’t want to miss it.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the arts of car & bike.
  • Start to build your own style by asking the professional.

Mix Martial Arts Performance

  • Representing over a thousand years of Chinese martial arts culture
  • Brings the remarkable skill, stunning artistry and death-defying martial-arts prowess of more than one million people across the globe.

Flea Market / Food Truck

  • Providing vast & best quality merchandises to the customer at very low prices
  • Bridge the gap between the Customer and these Vendors
  • Provide both a reliable platform to buy / sell with assurance


  • “The game played in heaven” which is one of a famous football game in the world.
  • A game that combination with strength, speed and strategy.
  • Score more points than your opponents in 80 minutes and you will be announced as the winner.

Pocket Bike And Go Kart

  • Race to see who can finish the requisite number of laps in the fastest time.
  • Cone trial – Race to see which player can make it through a certain number of cone gates first
  • Battle royale – Standard death match style game
  • Hardcore – All of the gates and power ups are removed, so the little bit of fun you could have shooting other people or turbo blasting off of jumps is gone