There is an increasing prevalence of mental disorders in Malaysia; according to Ministry of Health Malaysia, there has been an increase of 81% of suicide cases in 2021 compared to 2020.

This highlights how citizens and administrators in Malaysia should be aware of mental health issues among their peers and also find effective ways to give them the help they need.

  • Get ready to explore therapeutic activities and discussions on mental health!
  • Learn more on Mental Health services in Malaysia
  • Access to Therapeutic Garden Corner (Explore activities such as Sand Tray, Floral Mindfullness, Therapy Cards and many more)
  • Get an exclusive demo by ECHO Malaysia on Mental Health First AidĀ and many more…

Convention Rundown Program

Convention Rundown Program

This convention will be a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiring action, and building a community of support for those who are struggling with mental health challenges.

Delegates will be able to enjoy:

  • Access to the Convention (Free seating)
  • Access to Engagement Space area
  • Access to Therapeutic Garden CornerĀ 
  • Lunch & Coffee Break
  • Networking

Let’s come together and make mental health matter in Malaysia!

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