Sep 21-23 (FRI-SUN), 10AM till 6PM

@ Quill City Mall

Bringing together geeks and educators to showcase their inventions and the latest trending technology, the INNOTech Festival is going to be one of its kind in Malaysia.

Visitors will be thrilled seeing the abilities and the innovative ideas of our youth.

The event is a hands-on, fun-filled day, drawing together a group of nerdy geeks for competitions and showcase.

What’s on?

Drone Race

“Earthquake!”, chaos everywhere. Drones are sent to rescue figurine people trapped in different situations.

Robotics Maze

Can your robot figure out how to get out of this maze?

Sumo Robots

Battle your robot like a Sumo wrestler. Knock them all out!

Techno Booths

Booths for Universities, Polytechnics, schools to showcase their inventions


Divided into 5 rooms for Teacher Training & Public Workshops:-

  1. Language Lab & Science & Math in Tech
  2. Build Your Own Virtual Reality
  3. Animation & Coding
  4. Build your own robots & drones
  5. App Creation


Connection Lounge with chairs, coffee & light refreshments


  • To bring together the hottest and sexiest innovation and tech disruptors and to share the future
  • To serve as a platform for new ideas and innovation and thus help society and the economy to face future challenges and to meet the rising aspirations of the growing needs for talent and economy growth.
  • To provide the opportunity for the private sector, organizations, and the education sector (academia-industry network) to share examples of innovative products, approaches and practices
  • To help engage youth & students in innovative and creative activities apart from providing opportunities for hands-on workshops.
  • To promote innovation, creativity and engagement in science
  • To showcase the best innovative experiences and mobilize a wide range of stakeholders in support of successful development activities
  • To explore joint developments, new business and investment opportunities

Limited seats available

* E-Gamers are welcome