How many events do we have in Pesta Harapan?

5 Key-events:

  • Harapan LED Run
  • WESG
  • INNOtech
  • Youth NGOS Declaration

9 Sub-events:

  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Futsal
  • Paintball
  • Car Modification & Bike Customization
  • Inflation Kingdom
  • Flea Market / Food Truck
  • Mix Martial Arts Performance
  • Pocket Bike And Go Kart
  • Rugby
Do I need to register for every event?

No you don’t, only LED Run participants are required to pay RM88 per person. Other than that, you just need to pay a total of RM10 as registration fee for every event in Pesta Harapan!

Can I just register for LED Run?

Yes you can.

Do I need to pay registration fee if I only want to attend to LED Run?

No you don’t.

What time does each event start?

Please refer to (Events info) on the website. (maybe can add link)

How do I make payment?

Just click here (add link)

How will I know if my online registration is successful?

Check this here (add link)